Terms Conditions

The following general terms and conditions regulate the conditions and use under which the personnel, staff or the user, and clients (hereinafter also referred to as ‘customer’, ‘user’) can use the bookamodel.co.uk platform. The bookamodel.co.uk platform offers a brokerage service to connect staff and clients for a short term hire.

  1. Acceptance of Terms

(a) By registering on BookAModel.co.uk, the user, staff or client, acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of BookAModel.co.uk.
(b) When requesting a booking, the client accepts that the brokerage service provided by BookAModel.co.uk will become part of the agreement and no other terms and conditions shall apply unless expressly stated and agreed to by BookAModel.co.uk
(c) BookAModel.co.uk terms and conditions and contracts have been written in English. If any translation of these documents due to services being booked in a foreign country other than the UK, and inconsistencies arise due to translation, the English version will be held as the master and thus shall prevail.

  1. Brokerage & Contract

(a) BookAModel.co.uk is an online platform that facilitates the opportunity for the staff and client to connect.
(b) BookAModel.co.uk reserves the right to charge the staff a subscription fee in exchange for marketing and maintenance of the portal with a view to connect the staff with potential clients.
(c) BookAModel.co.uk enters into a brokerage agreement with the client only. The contract for the job is solely between the staff and the client and is their responsibility to fulfil as such.

  1. Registration

(a) Registration is required in order BookAModel.co.uk services. Registration is free for clients, but staff agree to sign up to a subscription plan to register and market themselves for short term hire. Subscription can be cancelled at any time.
(b) The user can delete their account at any time and all data will subsequently be deleted other than that required for accounting purposes.
(c) BookAModel.co.uk reserves the right to decline and/or close any account at any time without notice or reason.
(d) Staff are required to register their details in order to register for BookAModel.co.uk. No-one under the age of 18 is able to register and by registering, staff confirm that the details they have provided are accurate, complete and true to the best of their knowledge. Staff are required to keep the data as accurate as possible at all times and update the system as required when changes have been made. BookAModel.co.uk will not be held liable if staff register false information in order to gain registration.
(e) By registering, staff agree to have their images used by BookAModel.co.uk for marketing and promotional uses, whether on the website directly or through companies affiliated with the marketing and promotion of the BookAModel.co.uk website and its staff.
(f) Customers must register their company details including vat/tax and company number, as well as an authorised user details. By submitting their registration, the customer assures that all information submitted is accurate, complete and true to the best of their knowledge. BookAModel.co.uk will do their best to verify these details are accurate before their account is activated. BookAModel.co.uk will not be held liable if customers register false information to gain registration.
(g) BookAModel.co.uk has the right to request official documents to confirm the identity and/or any details a user has used to register with.

  1. Booking and Contract

(a) Registered clients can view all profiles in full and submit a request to book a member of staff. The client will submit all details of the job at that point.
(b) The member of staff requested can send an enquiry to the client to ask for more details before accepting the offer. The offer is valid for 48 hours before it expires.
(c) Once the staff accept the offer, the client is asked one last time to confirm the booking.
(d) Once confirmed, both parties are requested to sign the contract online. The contract is in digital format and signing your name will constitute signing the contract.
(e) Once both parties have signed, the client has 48 hours to make payment. Once payment is made the contract is binding.

  1. Fees and Payments

(a) BookAModel.co.uk has a brokerage fee of £25 per staff, per day from the client.
(b) BookAModel.co.uk will charge the client the models rate for the booked days plus BookAModel.co.uk brokerage fee after contracts are signed.
(c) All fund will be held in Escrow and will be released once the job has been completed and no issues arise. BookAModel.co.uk will release the staff fees to the staff and the brokerage fee to BookAModel.co.uk.
(d) All prices are net of VAT/TAX
(e) Overtime is to be agreed with the staff and paid directly to them.

  1. Rights and Obligations

(a) By registering on BookAModel.co.uk, the user agrees to BookAModel.co.uk using the data in a manor required for it to fulfil its service offered. The user acknowledged that they have the rights to the data and pass on limited rights to BookAModel.co.uk to fulfil their part of the services offered
(b) It is the responsibility of the user to protect their log in information and should access by an unauthorised third party take place, the user should inform BookAModel.co.uk immediately.
(c) The user assures that they will not use our service in an improper way, in particular but not limited to:
i. Transmission of any malicious software
ii. Transmission of any advertising
iii. Transmission of any harassing or improper messages
iv. Commission of any unlawful act
v. Transmission of any morally or ethically reprehensible messages
vi. Transmission of any religious or political messages
vii. Infringement of any third-party rights inc. copyright or trademark
viii. Contacting staff for another purpose other than the purpose proposed for this service
ix. Use data from BookAModel.co.uk for their own brokerage service
(d) The user will be liable for all consequences and any disadvantages, whether monetary or other, arising to BookAModel.co.uk out of improper use of www.BookAModel.co.uk or violations of any of our terms and conditions.

(f) If a breech occurs, BookAModel.co.uk shall be entitled to take all necessary action to remedy this breech and the user shall be liable for any and all damages sustained to BookAModel.co.uk. BookAModel.co.uk is entitled to cancel the account of any user that breeches its terms and conditions. The user will also indemnify BookAModel.co.uk from third party claims, including legal defence and/or prosecution.

  1. Limit of Liability

(a) BookAModel.co.uk shall not be held liable for non-execution of duty by either the client or the hired staff under the brokerage agreement. It is also no liable for any inadequate, unreliable or inconsistent performance by either the staff or the client.
(b) BookAModel.co.uk accepts no liability for damage to reputation caused during the selection and booking or after by the misconduct of any of the staff either due to conduct or false statements made to the client. Possible claim for damages rest with the client and the staff.
(c) It is the responsibility of the client to review the information of the staff before proceeding and making sure any legal work permits are in place before offering employment to any foreign person. This includes but is not limited to tax status and registration.
(d) BookAModel.co.uk liability will only be limited to negligence in the proper execution of the brokerage agreement. This limitation applies to both contractual and non-contractual claims and applies to employees and agents of BookAModel.co.uk
(e) BookAModel.co.uk cannot and will not guarantee the permanent availability of our website due to technical failure or otherwise.
(f) BookAModel.co.uk shall not be held liable for any damage caused by force majeure. It is also not held liable for the security of data while being transmitted outside their area of control as well as any data held outside of their area of control.

  1. Privacy Policy & GDPR

(a) BookAModel.co.uk treats brokerage agreement and any information provided with the strictest of confidence unless otherwise agreed to share as in accordance with our privacy policy. This agreement shall continue even after the brokered contract has concluded.
(b) BookAModel.co.uk will adhere to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Copyright

(a) All logos. Branding, graphics, website source code, software and intellectual property is copyrighted to BookAModel.co.uk and may not be copied or used without the permission of BookAModel.co.uk